Of Cats and Men: Stories

February 23, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Haughty Bengals, faithful Maine coons, and feral strays: These are the haunting familiars that animate Nina De Gramont’s critically acclaimed debut collection of short fiction. Prowling through every story, these enigmatic creatures expose the hidden fears and passions of the female heart, and illuminate the profound truths of men and love.

A young woman finds two dark surprises in her home: a magpie dismembered by her mischievous cat, and an unsettling glimpse of her fiancé’s secret inclinations…

A pregnant housewife quietly suffers a visit from her troubled brother-in-law while her hidden anger comes to life in the suddenly hostile behavior of her docile house cat…

A frustrated newlywed clings to the last vestige of her well-appointed upbringing–a pampered Himalayan high point–until a rangy stray cat shows her the true meaning of marriage…

As clever, finessed, and keen as the feline disposition it celebrates, Of Cats and Men marks the arrival of an exciting new voice in fiction.


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Praise for Of Cats and Men: Stories

“In cleverly demonstrating how human beings reveal themselves in their relationships to animals, de Gramont has produced illuminating and moving narratives about fear and loss, connection and love.” —Publishers Weekly

“An utterly pleasurable discovery. . .the sort one enjoys in the fiction of Carol Shields, Pam Houston, Melissa Bank.”
The Washington Post Book World

“Acute perceptions and an intelligent voice are evident throughout De Gramont’s collection. You need not be a cat-lover to appreciate it.” Newsday

“These stories are superbly crafted, dark and funny, at times as enigmatic as the two beasts in the title. Of Cats and Men is a sensuous and wickedly honest book about women and men and the sly, aloof, casually beautiful animals who pad through their lives.” —Brad Watson, author of Last Days of the Dog-Men

“The characters, including the cats, come alive in this well-written collection of slice-of-life tales. Recommended for general fiction collections; even readers who normally don’t pick up a short story collection will enjoy this.” Library Journal


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